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Automation since 2008

A.I.T Automazione srl, established in January 2008, has thirty years of experience in the industrial plant engineering sector, experience that its workers have gained working for the company Tecno Tre srl, already a trusted supplier for the Fiat Auto group in particular.

Our company offers integrated turnkey” supply solutions for the automotive industry, including mechanical and electrical design services.

New constructions, upgrading and retrofitting adaptation and retrofitting of existing installations, ordinaryand extraordinary maintenance meet the needs of our customers, who are positioned in an internationalscenario.The consolidated experience of years of activityand the implementation of new technologies,in compliance with current regulations, allow AIT to be an excellentpartner in the realisation of turnkeyindustrial plants.

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Regulatory compliance

AIT Automazione takes care of determining the conformity status of machines, equipment and installations by highlighting deficiencies and anomalies.

The activity begins with the verification of the safety level and is implemented with the risk analysis, the production of supplementary documentation and the identification of the technical interventions necessary to achieve the requirements of the Legislative Decree. 81/2008 “Testo Unico sulla Sicurezza”.

AIT Automazione also takes care of protection installation and system adaptations.

The integrated approach makes possible to take responsibility for designing the necessary adjustments and implementing them while ensuring compliance with the requirements of the risk assessment.